Monday, April 4, 2011

Adventures in tie-dye and bird-luring.

We recently bought a three-pack of basic plain white cotton Gerber t-shirts. Yawn.
I took it upon myself to try and dye them, and while looking for inspiration, I came across a bunch of tie-dyed onesies that were absolutely adorable! I had to make some. I'd never done tie-dye before, but apparently Alex had, so we set to work using hair elastics to bunch up the shirts and I mixed up some Jacquard dye. He was a pro! Here's how they turned out:




The last pink one has really subtle vertical stripes, and I added a little yellow to the pot at the end to give parts of it an ombre effect. We had so much fun that I went hunting around the house for other things to dye.. someone should get me checked out - I see nothing wrong with tiedyeing anything that isn't nailed down!

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of our togetherness. I think back to where we were when we first started dating, me with my frizzy red dye-job, big sunglasses and army surplus jacket, Alex with his cocky attitude and too much gel in his hair. I remember countless dates where we'd buy a bag of fortune cookies for $2 and sit on the Johnson St. bridge downtown and dream of all the things we'd do. We've come a long way, he and I, and this is only the beginning.


To commemorate the occasion, we made tofu jerky and did *~*~ARTSNCRAFTS~*~* which consisted of us fashioning a bird feeder out of a milk-jug. I have been trying to photograph the elusive blue-jays that perch on the tree near our living room window for weeks, going so far as to set up my camera with the manual focus  poised and ready should one come by but I am never. fast enough. So yes, this is a bird feeder, but it's also something of.. a trap.

I mean.. we love birds and want to make sure they're fed through the winter! That's why we had the forethought to make the bird feeder while there is still a tiny miniscule amount of snow on the ground (which will probably be melted in a week)!! Nevermind!

I take full credit for being the mastermind behind the tin-foil plate base, held on by the milk-jug lid. Thank you, thank you. We were so excited about filling it and hanging it up we were practically skipping through Walmart (as well as this pregchubbo can skip) and spent far too much time debating the merits between the chunkier parrot-type feed and regular wild bird feed vs. "just throwing some candied peanuts in there, hey! it's protein and sugar!".

Bird Feeder

Birds hate it, even with STRATEGIC!PEANUTBUTTER™ 

Worth it.

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