Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 week update

30 weeks!

30 weeks!

Ten more weeks and I'll be holding my baby girl! Ten more weeks and Mama will become my role - the most important and greatest I'll ever play. I'm so excited, so happy and just a big jumble of nerves. Every day I'm preoccupied with making sure she has what she needs - from whether I've taken my vitamin to if we'll have enough of this or that, which toy she'd like me to knit for her the most, or if she has enough handknits yet at all (the answer is never yes :P). Over the next week or so Alex and I will be packing our hospital bag with overnight things and various comforts to help me through the pain just in case we have to leave at a moment's notice. 

This week with the prenatal class we're taking a tour of the hospital so hopefully that will put my mind at ease a bit as to where we go when I decide to show up and have this baby. I'm sincerely hoping that if I do go into labour Alex is home and is around to take me in if I have to go to the hospital, because he's up to an hour away at any given time while at work. Hopefully it all starts relatively slowly to give us some warning and a chance for me to chill out at home during the early stages. 

The snow is melting really quickly, everything seems to be thawing in this new warmer weather and spring is on its way, thank goodness. It feels so nice to not have every muscle in your body tense up every time you leave the house because of the cold. I'm so excited winter is over!

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