Friday, April 22, 2011

33 Week Update! Happy Earth Day!

33 weeks 33 weeks

33 weeks complete! Little Miss is head down, having loads of fun kicking my right rib over, and over, and over again. I'm tired, but feeling really good emotionally, over all. It's almost as if the more real this becomes, to me, the less unknowns there are for me to fret about and the more I can relax. I can't wait until it's time! My belly has grown a lot in the last two or three weeks, and my poor belly button is totally flat now. I can't see my feet anymore, and Alex, bless him, helps me put on my shoes with laces when we head out. Leaning forward while sitting, when most of my belly is already touching my lap only forces little heels further into my ribcage - ouch!

Prenatal class has run its course and I'm kind of sad about it. The last five weekly classes have been eye-opening, and brought to the table a lot of issues Mister and I hadn't yet discussed. It really helped us feel prepared, even if some topics such as natural birth and medical interventions were things that we already had a decent grasp of. By the end of our last class, we were basically ready to 'get this show on the road'! 

I'm still making things for baby, most recently I cut a piece of fabric to size for a wrap-style carrier Alex modeled on his fabulous, brand spankin' new daddying/art blog - King Corvid. Go check him out! When we first started dating he was quite fond of street art, stencils and the like, and I'm so glad he's resurrected his interest in it again - everyone needs a creative outlet and he's been without one for too long, I think! I'm super proud. Smattered with Daddyish musings and a few gaming reviews, to be sure, he's off to a great start.

image via weheartit

HAPPY EARTH DAY, by the way! As a kid I loved Earth Day. We'd always do something fun like plant beans, or visit nature centres in various parks on Earth Day. Planting seeds in paper cups was my always favourite project in school (until Middle School, when we put together self-sustaining aquarium environments with guppies and aquatic plants - that was the best!). It's still a little early and a little cold here to be gardening, but I'm going to get on it very soon. My little plot in the backyard is set to be turned up and after last year, I have a little better idea of what I can plant that will thrive. It looks as though our average date of final frost is May 22nd, so I'll be careful to keep delicate plants inside until then. 

Can I just say again how excited I am about everything?

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  1. You are such a gorgeous Momma to be! There is nothing like it. I'm loving your are so talented!
    Gonna steal your button if you don't mind :)


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