Monday, February 21, 2011

Belly Update, and No-Poo

I'm 24 weeks pregnant now, enjoying a few days off before the 'last hurrah' at work and closing up the store. Little Annabelle is always on my mind and it's been so sweet these last few days to see how excited Alex is about all the kicks and wiggles he can feel. I don't know that there's a belly in existence that has been rubbed and smooched more than mine! I'm totally stoked to be given this time throughout the rest of the pregnancy to get ready and finish all my personal projects I've been mulling about, and I'm so glad that we're in a position for me to be able to throw myself into the craziness of stay-at-home motherhood. Baby Annabelle, we'll be ready!

24 weeks

I've been having way too much fun lately experimenting with the 'no-poo' method of washing my hair (love the method, hate the name!). My hair is starting to slowly corkscrew back into its natural state of curl, and it feels much less dry and frizzy than usual. I'm still in the 'transition' phase, when one's hair is over-producing oils, still compensating for having them completely stripped with every shampoo. At my next opportunity, I'll get my sweetie to get a picture of my hair from the back to show how different my hair looks compared to usual. All hail the magic of baking soda and apple cider vinegar!


  1. My friend did the no POO hair thing too and she loved it! I have been thinking about doing it but I just dont know. lol

  2. Scott and I have been no poo since august-ish and we like it a lot, adding a little rosemary eo to the baking soda now and then for our dandruff prone hair and it works like a charm!
    It's cheap, easy and it make my hair so happy!
    I skip the vinegar step entirely, and Scott uses diluted lemon juice because he can't stand the smell of the acv, and it looks like we're never going back to that nasty bottled stuff!


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