Saturday, January 29, 2011

January, oh January - where have you gone?

While my favourite vegan curried lentil soup simmering on the stovetop (recipe, anyone?), I’m taking a bit of time to think about the last month. It’s literally flown by – it feels like just the other day we were opening our gifts on Christmas and thinking about the coming year, and how next Christmas, our little girl would be here with us.
We saw our baby moving about and got lots of pictures, Alex felt her kick for the first time, and I hit the half-way mark in the pregnancy.

I’ve learned so much about my new camera, about how it functions with my two lenses, about using vintage lenses on a modern D-SLR body, and about how it all works together to make interesting photos. I’m in no way implying I’m anything other than amateurish at best, but I’ve definitely shown improvement during this month of Project 365. I’m proud of myself for taking the bull by the horns and learning about photography – something I’ve meant to do for years and have always put off.

I wanted to share my set for the last month, though the month isn’t quite over yet. I really hope I can continue taking a photo every day (or every two days as the case sometimes was). It feels great knowing that I’ll have a collection of little snippets of my life, my husband, my kitties and hints at what we’ve done to look back on.

I was debating on posting my 101 in 1001 list. While I love the list and it has a great deal of things I wish to be doing, calling it a 101 in 1001 list is kind of a misnomer at this point. I don’t really have a time limit on it all, as the list is mostly for my reference when I want to devour a new topic, try a new craft technique, learn a new recipe or am bored with my current reading material. Here it is, I haven't counted the items, but there are quite a few. Oh, I love making lists so much. It feels good to get everything out, makes it all easier to keep track of. Here it is!

I’m still knitting the sleep sack, and have finished the twisty faux-cabled ribbing that encompasses the top. I’m now on to even more mindless, long rows of stockinette which makes up the body of the sack. Currently the whole she-bang measures 3” or so (egads, I’m such a slow knitter lately!) and I’ve got to knit it until it’s about 16.5” in total length. Oii. I’ll probably end up making it a bit longer than that only because I have a feeling I’m going to have a long skein of a baby and 16.5” will be too soon outgrown. Even if she prefers to be swaddled and doesn’t sleep in it, it’ll be a nice alternative to wearing a blanket in the sling if we go for an evening walk and need another layer.

It feels so good to be looking forward.

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