Friday, March 4, 2011

Yummy Dinner, Open Mic

Yesterday afternoon I cooked up one of our favourite meals. It happens to be vegan, but even my meat-loving husband can't get enough of it. The recipe is found in Sarah Kramer's La Dolce Vegan cookbook. I love that book, alone with How it All Vegan. How it All Vegan has my absolute favourite vegan lasagna recipe, and the recipe for the best from-scratch tomato sauce I've ever tasted. This particular recipe uses a lot of the same spices as in traditional meat dishes - thyme, sage, savoury and it smells like something you'd eat at a big family dinner during the holidays. It's the perfect comfort food!

Here's the pie before baking, just before I put the crust on top:
Portabello Pot Pie 1

I never said I was a professional pie crust maker..
Portabello Pot Pie 2

I guess it was pretty good - someone ate two thirds of the whole pie and then passed out...

Someone needed a nap.


Later that evening Alex and I met some friends at the little bar down the street for Open Mic night, every second Thursday. I thought it would be a little awkward sitting in a bar very visibly pregnant, but most of the people there were regular customers of mine at the shop so I wasn't uncomfortable. There were a couple good acts that I enjoyed, maybe one of these days I'll work up the courage to get up there myself and play something. It was nice to get out and hear some live music, something this town is severely lacking. Pretty damn good day, if I say so myself!

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