Friday, March 25, 2011

Vagina havers and other human beings!

I love this video. Being someone blessed to live in a Canada, where basic medical care is free, I consider myself privileged. I grew up poor - I'm talking 'plain macaroni four times a week, wipe your ass with newspaper' poor, and still, health care was available to me and my family. I grew up in an apartment with black mold everywhere, once we had a mushroom growing in our carpet. We were sick a lot compared to other kids. We couldn't afford anything for a really long time, but we still had health care.

Fast forward to now. My husband has extended medical coverage, so any medicines that we might need are greatly discounted compared to someone who does not get extended benefits. I'm so grateful that this is available to us to lighten the financial burden that health sometimes causes. Life is pretty good here in the Frozen North - but it isn't everywhere.

NSFW for language - it's bleeped.. sort of.

I'm going to be having a baby in the next eighty days or so. I cannot imagine being put in a position where I would have to shell out the money for my check-ups, my routine tests, my birth and hospital stay for these months. I cannot imagine being unprepared and living in a country where I am required to pay to have a healthy child.

Planned Parenthood is a system in place for those who need help, and taking that help away from someone who needs it is doing a disservice to women, and to everyone who loves women and wants them to be healthy.


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