Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Whirlwind!

We've been busy!

Christmas comes early for us this year, and we're ready! I just finished wrapping all the gifts and now we're sitting comfortably in our cozy living room together. I keep looking over at our little Christmas tree, our first one we've ever had, and I'm so excited. This time next year our baby will be six months old, and will be enjoying his or her first holiday with us and family.

Baby seems to be moving more and more all the time, and I can't wait until Alex can feel it.

On days off from work I've been keeping busy knitting and argyle soaker from this pattern on livejournal, which will be finished in just a couple more good sessions. I've just got the decreasing between the legs and the little bitty leg cuffs to finish. I've really enjoyed knitting it, and while the chart is a little more intense than I have been tackling lately, I've got the urge to do some more complicated stuff.

Few things about knitting excite me more than the design process. I've had a multitude of false starts, but I understand the process and what is required and I'm determined to bring my ideas to fruition. First things first, I'm going to list all the things bouncing around in my head, and choose one. Knitwear design is something I've dabbled in, and there's no time like the present to jump in with both feet.

New Year's is coming, and with that I'm going to post my old 101 in 1001 list, mark off what I've accomplished and revise or rewrite it. Lists, oh I love them. Journaling and making lists make me feel like an active participant in my life, and my plans. Sometimes my mind feels like it just goes too fast, with too little concentrated focus - the lists really help me feel like I'm moving in a direction.

À la prochaine!

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